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New Mexico Foods
makes healthy snacking easy with our nutrient-dense beef jerky. We use only the best quality spices and eye round beef.

Our Southwestern-style Carne Seca Beef Jerky is guaranteed to be top quality. Each piece is handmade with 100 percent range-fed beef,
sliced, and marinated to perfection. 

 Our products are made lightweight by drying. A pound of beef weighs about four ounces after being made into jerky.

We ship Nationwide!!


New Mexico Foods Carne Seca Beef Jerky is Available in Four Delicious Flavors including Green Chile for Mild to Warm Taste, Red Chile for a Little More Bite, and Black Pepper for that Special Peppered Taste We Make Nationwide Deliveries including California, Arizona, Texas, and Colorado


Carne Seca, or Mexican Beef Jerky, is a very popular delicacy. It has a distinct flavor that makes it very different when compared to those made in other parts of the world. This flavor comes from the specific method where it is prepared. There are many different ways to eat this food, one of the most popular of which is to use it to make Mexican Red Pepper Stew. It can also be eaten as is, as you will find them available in a variety of flavors.

New Mexico Foods Your Number One Source of Carne Seca


Now that you know more about Carne Seca, you may be wondering where to get these delicious treats. The answer is right here, at New Mexico Foods. Our products are guaranteed to be healthy and low fat, as we only use beef packed with nutrients. You can rest assure that our jerky products are made only from eye round beef and flavored with high quality spices, including green chile or red chile. If you want a more peppered taste, you will also find what you are craving for from our product selection.


Since New Mexico Foods is an online division of the New West Products LLC, you can expect us to deliver your orders wherever you may be. Whether you live in Arizona, California, Texas, Colorado, or in any other state, rest assure that we will bring our high quality, low fat Carne Seca at your doorstep.


Flavors of Carne Seca Available from New Mexico Foods


Here at New Mexico Foods, you will find our low fat Carne Seca Beef Jerky being offered in four flavorful, delicious, and nutritious flavors. You can get them even if you live in Arizona, California, Texas, Colorado, as we ship nationwide.


        Green Chile The green chile we use comes from Hatch, New Mexico. It has a mild to warm, but definitely great taste.


        Red Chile If you want a little more bite to your Carne Seca than what the green chile flavor has to offer, this is the right flavor for you.


        Black Pepper Those who love the special taste of peppered Carne Seca will definitely want to stock up on the Black Pepper flavor.


        Original Enjoy the great taste of range-fed beef through the original flavor.


Ingredients Used in Manufacturing Our Carne Seca Products


Our low fat Carne Seca Beef Jerky products are made from only the best ingredients that are sure to benefit your health. Aside from using only round eye beef, we also use water, garlic, and salt as the main ingredients. Depending on the flavor of the product you will choose, the other ingredients you can expect are red chile, green chile, or black pepper. The red chile has a little more bite compared to the green flavor, but if you want a more special peppered taste, you should go for the black pepper flavor.




Order Carne Seca from New Mexico Foods Now


If you want the best tasting Carne Seca Beef Jerky available to U.S. consumers including those who live in Arizona, California, Texas, Colorado then allow us to give you what you want. Start enjoying the great taste of our products that you can store for a very long period of time.

 We offer our USDA inspected and approved jerky in two sizes: .8 ounce bags and 2.5 ounce bags, packed 12 bags to the case.

New Mexico Foods, a division of New West Products LLC



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